Can You Play Paintball In The Rain? Don’t Skip These Tips

Can You Play Paintball In The Rain

Have you ever played any sport under the rain? For those of us that have tried such, the experience is unquantifiable. It takes the game to a whole new level. You’ll enjoy a different level of fun. 

Many sports you can play in the rain exist, and a good example is soccer. You can play soccer with the rest of your team in the rain or any weather.

Now, here comes the question. Can you play paintball in the rain? We’ll respond to this question in this post and share other related information you need to know.

Can You Play Paintball In The Rain?   

Yes, you can play paintball in the rain. You’ll have a great experience playing paintball in the rain. 

There are things you need to consider when playing paintball in the rain. You need to wear the right clothes, and protect your paintball marker. 

Preparation is crucial to enjoy playing paintball in the rain. You need the right gear to enjoy and emerge victorious if that’s what you seek. As I said, what you’re wearing and the state of your paintball gun matters. 

Note that moisture in the air can affect your gear and paintballs. Moisture can reduce your paintball’s accuracy. 

What can you do to ensure you enjoy playing paintball in the rain? We’ll discuss that in detail here. 

How You Can Play Paintball In The Rain And Enjoy It

What are the steps you need to take to ensure you play paintball in the rain and enjoy the process? Here are the steps you need to follow. 

1. Keep the paintballs safe from the rain:

Paintballs are non-toxic and a bit brittle, but don’t forget that they’re water-soluble. Therefore, it can disintegrate when exposed to water. 

Try all you can to ensure water doesn’t touch your ball before shooting. Even a small amount of water can weaken the paintball’s outer and cause it to burst open. 

So make sure you protect your paintballs from water. Note that if one paintball gets wet and disintegrates, it can spread to the others and create a mess. And you won’t even have balls for your game. 

Paintballs are generally brittle, tough and round in shape. And they have to be clean always. 

So, if your paintballs become dirty or wet, discarding them would be the best option. If you fire such balls through your barrel, they could coat the inside of the barrel and affect your shots unless you do something about it. 

So, how should you protect your paintballs from the rain?

I would suggest you leave the paintballs in a secure and properly sealed container on your way to the paintball arena. Check the container properly to ensure no part of it is exposed. 

Secondly, when you arrive at the venue for the game, don’t step into the field before loading the paintballs into the hopper. Remain indoors and load them in. 

Thirdly, you have to secure your hopper. Even if the top of the hopper is sealed, you can still secure it. How can you secure it? Place a plastic bag on it and use a rubber band to tie it properly.   

2. Choose the right goggles or mask:

I would say choose the appropriate goggles or mask. Additionally, you have to consider improvising. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing paintball in the rain or on a sunny day. You must ensure your goggles or mask is on throughout the game for safety reasons.

Without your goggles, you run the risk of getting shot in the eye, leading to a severe injury. 

Furthermore, visibility is a huge challenge when playing paintball in the rain. It’s similar to driving a car. You need the windscreen wiper to remove water, ice and moisture from the car’s front window. 

So, visibility is going to be a challenge when playing paintball in the rain. And don’t forget that the ability to shoot accurately is vital in paintball. 

If you can’t see properly, your opponent that can will have a big advantage and strike you easily. 

You can get the mask visor or mask fan. Choose what’s best for you. The mask visor ensures the rain doesn’t fall directly on the mask or goggles, blurring your vision. 

On the other hand, the mask fan serves as moisture removal and keeps you well ventilated. Both are great masks you can wear when playing paintball in the rain. 

Another thing you can do to protect your mask from rain is place a “tape” on top of it. The tape will prevent rain from entering the mask via the opening on top and blurring your vision. 

Furthermore, you can wear a baseball cap to prevent rain from falling on your mask directly. Just ensure the rain doesn’t prevent you from taking accurate shots and you’ll be fine playing paintball in the rain. 

A Handy Tip: You can use medical or electrical tape. Use the tape to seal off any opening on top of your mask to prevent rain from blurring your vision.   

3. Protect your paintball gun from the rain:

You can’t really do much to protect your paintball marker from the rain given its size. You can’t keep it out of the rain. 

However, you can prevent moisture from building inside the barrel, and sabotaging your game. 

Here’s what you can do. 

Get a tape; it could be a medical or electrical tape. Place the tape on the porting on the marker’s barrel all the way down. 

The tape will help to prevent moisture from gaining access to your barrel and ruining your 

Now, here’s what can happen if you fail to protect your paintball gun while playing in the rain. 

While you’re shooting in the rain, expect rain droplets to build up gradually in the barrel. Over time, the rain will come together, forming a small trench at the bottom of the barrel. 

You can hit your target successfully when shooting with a wet barrel. The paintball could even disintegrate before it makes it out of the barrel. 

4. Get your choice of footwear right: 

You need a pair of shoes that has traction and can protect your feet when playing paintball in the rain. Note that the ground would become muddy when it rains. 

So, what’s ideal footwear to wear when playing paintball on a rainy day? Get a hiking boot. Why? Your feet will stay dry in a waterproof hiking boot when it rains. 

Another thing that makes hiking boots great to wear when playing paintball on a rainy day is the traction. Since the muddy ground is going to be slippery, you need a shoe with traction to ensure you don’t slip when running. 

5. Choose the right clothes:

Your choice of clothing is important whether you’re playing paintball in the rain, snow or sun. But then, the type of clothes worn when playing paintball in the rain shouldn’t be the same as when playing paintball on a snowy or sunny day. 

Wearing thick clothes in the  rain can make your paintball experience dissatisfying. When the clothes you’re wearing get wet, you’ll have extra weight on your body.

Putting on wet thick clothes when playing paintball can make it difficult for you to accelerate freely, which isn’t a wise move. You may get too slow for your opponent and you could end up getting shot easily. 

What Are The Ideal Clothes To Wear For Paintball In The Rain? 

You should go with a lighter cloth and ensure it fits your body perfectly. In other words, the dress and pants should hug your body, and yet allow you to move freely. 

A Handy Tip: You can carry more than one clothes and shoes when going to the paintball arena to serve as backup. The clothes you’ll wear to play paintball will eventually get wet and you won’t be able to wear it home. 

On the other hand, the rain might stop falling during the game and you may want to change to a dry and comfortable dress and pants. 

In addition to dress and pants, don’t forget to carry an extra pair of shoes too. You can carry extra waterproof hiking boots, if you have one. But if you don’t, work with what you have. 


So, can you play paintball in the rain? The answer is yes. You can play paintball in the rain, though you must take certain steps. 

Protecting your paintball gun is one of the steps you must take. You can use tape to wrap the porting on the marker’s barrel, all the way down. 

In addition, protect your paintballs from the rain, and wear suitable clothes. In other words, wear light and fitter clothes, and waterproof hiking boots. Finally, make sure you choose the right goggles or mask when playing paintball in the rain.  

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