How Many Paintballs You Need? You Need This Much Paintballs

How Many Paintballs You Need 

Imagine running out of paintball in the middle of a game, and your opponents are already gaining on you. You’ll end up getting eliminated from the game.   

No player wants to be in this position. It’s frustrating and makes you appear unserious. Besides, you’re playing with a team and they may feel like you let them down. So, figure out how many paintballs you need before you make your way into the arena. 

But let’s face it: calculating how many paintballs you need for a game is a challenge. Several factors play a role in such analysis. However, you can make an educated guess or use the tips you’re about to read in this post. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive in together. 

How Many Paintballs You Need

No one can tell the exact amount of paintballs they need in a day’s play. We all rely on rough estimates and all. 

However, looking at several factors, you can come close to a suitable figure for estimating how many paintballs you need for a day’s play. These include factors like playing style, playing position, game style, skills level, how windy it was, and how trigger-happy you are (your mood). 

The consensus is that 400 – 500 paintballs should be enough for an adult’s full-day play. On some blogs, this estimate is far less. I have come across platforms that claim 100 paintballs is enough for an adult’s gameplay for a full day. Well, let’s assume they have a reason for such an estimate. 

But from experience, 400 – 500 paintballs per day is far enough, especially when you have more than one game. So, the number of games you plan to play will determine the number of paintballs you’ll require for a day. 

How Many Paintballs Are In One Case?

Paintballs are usually sold in boxes of 2000. In other words, you’ll find 2000 paintballs in each box. Today, things have changed. Most retailers now offer paintballs in boxes containing 100 balls, 200 balls, etc. 

A great advice is to purchase paintballs in large quantities to get better value. Buying paintballs in large quantities is the best decision avid paintballers should take.   

A Handy Tip: Most paintballs arenas don’t allow players to come with their own paintballs. So, find out if the arena you plan to visit will enable players to bring in paintballs acquired from somewhere else. 

In addition, storage is a significant factor to consider when buying paintballs. Your paintballs will go bad if you don’t store them properly. 

So, before purchasing a large volume of paintballs, ensure you can store them safely. Keep paintballs in a cool and dry place. And reposition them from time to time. Don’t allow your paintballs to lie on one side for long. Change their positions from time to time.

How Many Paintballs Can The Hopper Hold?

The hopper is a special attachment to the paintball gun. The hopper is the container attached to the paintball marker and designed to hold paintballs. It uses gravity to push the paintballs into the marker, positioning them for firing. 

So, how many paintballs can the hopper hold at a time? The hopper can hold around 200 to 300 paintballs at once. 

You can see that the hopper can hold enough paintballs for an hour or more. As explained previously, how long a player’s paintball will last depend on the player himself. If you’re trigger-happy, your paintball won’t last long. 

How Does Game Type Determine Paintball Usage?

Game type and style significantly impact the number of paintballs you’ll require for the day. Note that some paintball arenas may adopt only one game type or style per day, while some may want to switch things up a little. 

The different game types are scenario, woodsball, and speedball. The scenario game type requires far more paintball than woodsball and speedball. You may even need over 500 paintballs. 

So, how many paintballs do you need for a scenario-type game? 

Here’s my advice to you. If you plan to play a scenario-type game throughout the session, you’ll require 500 or more paintballs. 

A great piece of advice is to have excess paintball rather than running out of paintball halfway into a game. Running out of paintball is the same as being eliminated from the game, as you’ll lose your capacity to fight back even when your enemies are closing on you. 

So, get enough paintballs if you plan to play scenario paintball throughout the day. If you have remnants, you can always store them and use them for the next game. 

How many paintballs do you need for woodball? 

You only need a few paintballs when playing woodsball type of game. Why? You’ll be doing more running around than shooting. You must run and position yourself properly to avoid being hit by your opponents. 

So, for woodball, you can enjoy 1 hour or more paintball games with around 200 paintballs. The running around reduces the number of balls you’ll use up during games. 

Speedball style or type of game is the opposite of woodsball. In speedball, the arena is usually smaller. Thus, you’ll be doing the more fast-paced shooting and less running around, requiring more paintballs.

You’ll need around 200 to 300 paintballs per hour session of paintball game.

Is 200 Paintballs Enough Paintballs?

It depends mainly on the context. Assuming you want to gift the 200 paintballs to a friend celebrating his birthday or just a gift for someone, then it’s a lot of paintballs. 

But if you plan to share the 200 paintballs with a group of people, probably your team, and it is for a tournament, then over 200 paintballs will be a good figure. 

Again, it depends on the game type and other factors. Two players may use up 200 paintballs at different times. If one is in a trigger-happy mood, rest assured that the paintballs will finish faster. Shooting skills and player positioning also count. 

A Handy Tips: If you want to send paintballs as a gift to a group of paintball players, probably people in your group, then 1600 paintballs for 8 people is a fair number. 

Can You Go Paintballing With 3 People?

Paintball is an enjoyable, action-packed, and flexible game. When we say flexible, I am referring to the variety of game styles and the number of people that can feature in a game. 

For the records, 2, 3, 10, 20, or more people can play paintball. So, if you and your buddy are ready, hit the field and get into action. You don’t need a crowd to play and enjoy paintball. Just get the required gear and hit the field. 

A Handy Tip: Do not pay or go to a paintball arena until you’re sure of the requirements. Every paintball arena has its rules and regulations, including prerequisites. 

For instance, some paintball arenas may not allow two players, while some don’t have such limits. So, inquire about the number of players that can play paintball before visiting or paying for any field. 

We’re stating this because most fields won’t refund your money after payment. They have a strict non-refund policy and won’t bend for you regardless of your complaint. They expect you to know the rules, regulations, and requirements before making any financial commitment. 

Is Paintball An Expensive Game To Play?

Most spectators will have this question in mind. If you’re one of them, here’s what you should know about the cost of playing paintball. 

So, is paintball an expensive sport? The simple answer is no! The game’s cost depends on several factors, including the type of equipment you wish to use, the number of people playing on the team, field admission cost, and other expenses. 

But if you put all the costs together, you’ll discover that paintball is less expensive than many think. 

Understand that field admissions differ from one field to another, but the price range is usually around $20 to $40. 

On paintball guns, keep in mind that the price of markers ranges from $100 to $1000. So, choose the paintball gun that won’t blow your budget out of the water. 

If you think buying a paintball marker is expensive, consider renting one. However, buying is more economical, especially for avid gamers. The cost of renting markers can accumulate fast; before you know it, you have spent more than the amount required to buy a brand-new marker. 

Finally, you’ll need to buy some snacks, water, drinks, or any form of refreshment you choose when playing paintball. 

In a nutshell, paintball is not an expensive sport. Paintball is a game you can play on a budget.


So, how many paintballs you need? This question is straightforward, but the answer isn’t. It’s impossible to estimate the number of paintballs you’ll need per session, as several factors determine it. 

The factors include your playing style, game type or style, playing position, mood, skill levels, and the weather. If it’s windy, you may struggle to land accurate shots. 

However, 400 to 500 paintballs should be enough for a day of paintball, though this can quickly increase. 

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