Is Paintball Hard To Play? What Every Paintball Beginners Should Know

Is Paintball Hard To Play

If you were just hearing about paintball for the first time, you would assume that it’s one tough game to learn and play. 

Paintball is an intensive and engaging game. It’s a perfect fit for you to get outdoors, exercise, have fun, and see how much of a strategist you really are.

So, paintball is a lovely sport to play. Its intensity and need for players to act strategically makes it more appealing. 

Now, let’s respond to the question many new paintballers may want to know about the game. 

Is Paintball Hard To Play?

Not at all, paintball is one of the easiest sports or games on the planet. I am not saying this to cajole you into playing paintball. Rather, it’s what the game is. 

Why should anyone claim it’s not hard to play paintball? Firstly, paintball doesn’t require strength like other sports. And you’ll enjoy a similar if not higher level of fun, and excitement playing paintball. 

Another reason paintball is easy is that a player’s physical fitness doesn’t matter. So long as you’re feeling okay and mobile, you can play paintball. 

Body size also doesn’t matter. You can play paintball whether you’re plus size or slim. And when we say you don’t need to be physically fit to play paintball, the game actually improves your physical fitness. 

Furthermore, anybody can play paintball. It doesn’t matter the person’s age. It’s a game for everyone.  

So as long as you can run fast, use your arms and move your body, you can play paintball. Another important thing is to stay focused and think on your feet. You also must have the capacity to strategize or adhere to your team’s strategy. 

5 Things Every Paintball Rookie Should Know

We have provided some reasons paintball isn’t hard to learn or play. But it’s important for rookies to get the right information before starting their paintball journey. 

Here are some of the things paintball rookies need to know about the game called paintball.

1. You have to invest in the right gear:

You can’t play paintball dressed in light clothing, without goggles, open toe shoes, and a helmet. You won’t enjoy playing paintball if you’re not wearing the right gear. 

As a rookie, ask yourself this question, “What are the right paintball gears to wear?” Which of the gears do I already have, and which one should I buy?

On the issue of gears, here is what you need to wear when playing paintball. 

Paintball shoes to wear: 

Paintball is simple and could be injury-free when you’re wearing the right gear. And that includes shoes. You can wear any shoe you have to paintball, but I would advise you pick the right shoe for the sport. 

Ankle injuries are common in paintball, given the nature of the game. You have to run, maneuver, twist, turn, and be mobile throughout games. So, you might hurt your ankles if you’re not wearing the right shoes.

Now, what are the right shoes? Most people may consider wearing trainers or hiking boots, which is fine by me. Just wear shoes you’re willing to see get dirty or wet because that’s what’s going to happen when playing paintball. 

Want to wear open toe shoes, count me out! The best option is a closed toe shoe for comfort and better protection for your toes. You’ll be running most of the time and fast too, when playing paintball. The last thing you want is to hit your toes on a rock or wood while accelerating. 

So, get the right pair of shoes and grip before you play paintball. Your feet will thank you for making such a great decision to protect them. 

Now, check your collection of shoes to see if the ones you have fits the description we just gave. Is it comfortable, closed toes, and are you willing to get it dirty? 

Paintball clothing to wear:  

You can wear casual clothing for paintball. But hear this before you start looking through your wardrobe to know the options you have: Get old clothing you don’t mind seeing get dirty. You might get clean overall at the arena, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing the right clothing to paintball games.

For bottoms to wear, I will suggest you wear jeans, trainers or joggers. Just ensure the one you’re wearing is thick and comfortable to wear. 

For tops, you can wear casual clothing. Hoodies and any thick clothing are fine. Just ensure they’re thick enough to take the steam off the sting from paintballs. 

A Handy Tip: Ensure you’re wearing a piece of clothing you can maneuver in.  The clothes you’re putting on shouldn’t be the reason you cannot accelerate fast. 

Alright, you can now search your wardrobe for thick clothing ideal for paintball. 


One thing every rookie must understand is that paintball travels at an extremely fast speed. It can travel at 200mph. 

Paintball injuries are not that dangerous, but shouldn’t be the reason you forgot to wear your goggles before the game commences. Don’t even take them off throughout the game. 

Allowing paintballs to land on your hands can leave you in serious pains and sometimes, an injury. You clearly don’t want to experience such a thing.

So, get your helmet and goggles right. Choose goggles that are strong enough to withstand the impact of the paintball, even when fired at close proximity. 

Our best choice has always been the Empire Paintball E-Flex Goggle. We recommend it because it is comfortable, strong, affordable and easy to breathe in. You can easily communicate with your team members while wearing this goggle, and take off the lenses with ease.

Choose the ideal mask to protect your beautiful face. That’s all I am saying. And I have given you a clue of the one I know you won’t regret splashing the cash on. 


Because the hands are exposed, they are easy targets for opposition teams. So protect your hands. Wear quality gloves that won’t make it hard for you to pull the trigger when the need arises or protect your hands from being hit by paintballs. 

The W Tactful Tactical Gloves For Men is our best pick. It’s a breeze to clean, comfortable and boost adjustable wrist. Your hands will love to be in these gloves. Check it out and see for yourself. 

2: You don’t need experience to play paintball:

Most people’s excuse for ditching paintball is they don’t have enough experience. Can you imagine that?

The truth is, you don’t need experience to play paintball. All you need is the right gear and paintball gun. 

Understand that you won’t start shooting like a pro the first time you start playing paintball. It will take a while, but once you get over your nerves, the rest will be history. 

3: Consistent practice makes you better:

Do you want to start playing paintball like a pro in no time? If yes, start practicing consistently. 

You don’t need to practice every day, but if you can, then go for it. However, you can get better by practicing three or four times a week. Just ensure you’re consistent and open to learning. 

Learn and watch seasoned paintball players. If possible, you can even approach them and ask questions about the game. 

You’ll improve in paintball faster if you’re ready to practice consistently and learn from top players. 

4: Paintball is a team sport:

Never forget that paintball is a team game. And you can only win games when you work as a team. 

Get a grip of your team’s tactics and ask questions if you don’t understand any area of the strategy that your team wants to deploy. Secondly, communicate with team members effectively during games. 

Don’t try to make moves alone or act brave because you want to show off. If you don’t align with the rest of the team and get your tactics right, your team might lose the game. 

Don’t be the reason your team lost a paintball game. Rather, be the reason they won it. Listen to instructions, communicate and align with the team’s plan. 

5: Paintball hurts:

Finally, here’s the truth every rookie needs to know: paintball hurts. You can sustain bruises or welts when paintball lands on your skin. 

The good thing is that you can prevent bruises or welts. How? Put on the right gear to paintball games. 

Wear thick clothing, close toe shoes, gloves, and the right bottoms (jeans, trainers, or joggers is ideal).

Final Thought:

Is paintball hard to play? Again, the answer is no! Paintball is one of the easiest sports on the planet. Paintball is fun, engaging, and it will put your ability to strategize to the test. 

You can win paintball games if you’re able to think on your feet, concentrate, and adhere to your team’s tactics. And always remember that paintball is a team sport. 

I also explained some of the things paintball rookies need to know. I want to prepare your mind so there won’t be any surprises when you start your paintball journey. 

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