Empire AXE VS. Mini: Which Performs Best?

Empire AXE VS. Mini

A debate of Empire AXE vs. Mini comes up in the shopping endeavors of all paintball enthusiasts. If you want a high-quality paintball marker, you must choose between these two series at some point.

Knowing each series’s merits and setbacks will help make your final choice easier, and this article is an ideal source of this information. 

These markers boast some amazing features, but you need more than that to make the final choice. Let’s get into the details;

Similarities Between Empire Axe and Mini

Empire is one of the most reliable brands in paintball markers, and the AXE and Mini lines are some of the most popular. Some shared features between them ensure this popularity, so let’s go through some of them;

1. They are the same type.

Both the Empire Mini and AXE are electronic paintball markers. This means they have an electronic solenoid for easy trigger pulling and firing. Electronic guns integrate electronic systems that make the guns perform better.

Because of this, an electronic marker will fire more accurately, consistently, and faster, which are important advantages for paintball. 

Electronic paintball guns such as the Empire AXE and Mini are common in professional competitions.

2. They feature a similar caliber.

Both contenders from Empire have 0.68-caliber paintball capabilities. 0.68 Cal paintballs are the most commonly used paintball size; therefore, you will easily find ammo for your games. Additionally, they are common for competitions; you will be ready for all tourneys.

Combining the 0.68 Cal paintballs with the power, efficiency, and accuracy of these two empire products will give you an edge. 

Their weight will increase power and accuracy, and you will have the best time with high-quality paintballs.

3. Both have multiple firing modes.

You can switch between semi-auto and full-auto for the Empire AXE and Mini. In semi-auto, the gun will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. 

Integrating electronic parts in the paintball gun ensures the smooth feeding of paintballs and trigger response.

When using the Empire AXE, you must adjust the gun’s trigger to a specific number of full pulls. If you don’t activate the trigger, you will have to keep resetting it to full auto after a few seconds.

If you want to rain paint down on the opponents, you should use the full auto option. You will hold the trigger down, and the gun will fire until you release it or it empties the mag. The option allows for a fine-tuned user experience that is realistic and immersive.

4. Both markers only work with HPA and NO2. 

Conventionally, HPA and NO2 propellants offer more power and better performance than CO2. The Empire AXE and Mini are high-powered guns that need the best propellant for optimal performance. This means that they only use HPA and NO2 propellants.

The guns are incompatible with CO2, and your power and accuracy will suffer if you use them. CO2’s lower density means it packs a lower punch than HPA; thus, it’s not ideal for heavy 0.68 paintballs.

5. The markers have similar barrel properties. 

Both paintball markers feature an Autococker barrel thread, a handy feature in most high-performance paintball guns. Autococker markers have an adjustable valve that pushes gas to the front after each shot.

This makes the gun easier to use as users don’t have to recock it after each shot. Both guns have a 12-inch barrel which ensures accuracy. 

The downside to this size of the barrel is that it makes the gun bigger than usual, and it might be difficult to maneuver.

6.Have similar feeding and firing capabilities

Both the Empire AXE and Mini feature an Ion clamping feed neck. It allows users to adjustably tighten and align the hopper in place. 

The grip ensures the hopper stays in place even if you turn the gun to awkward positions while firing.

Regarding firing rate, both paintball markers offer an impressive 250 fps velocity on the low end. You can bump this up to 325 if you want a longer distance and more power. The adjustability makes it ideal for more groups of players, including kids.

How Empire Axe Differs From Empire Mini

Some significant differences between these two products make them better in specific elements. While both guns have amazing features and give good performance, here are some major differences between them you should keep in mind;

Different operating pressures

The Empire AXE does not offer an adjustable operating pressure, but it gives an optimal 200 psi. This is ideal for most recreational games and competitions, but it might be too much for young players. This is why you might choose the Empire Mini.

The Empire Mini offers an adjustable operating pressure. You can use it in the range between 180 psi and 200 psi. 

This range reduces the sting of each shot but maintains power for paintballs to move accurately and break on target.

Bolt Systems

The Empire AXE features a toolless bolt system. This makes it easier to open up and maintain on the field, giving you an advantage. You can open it up and clean it in case of paint breaks in the arena.

The Empire Mini does not have a boltless system; therefore, maintenance and removal are more complex. You will have to carry tools into the arena to address paint breaks or performance issues that take time and leave you vulnerable.

Their Weight

The Empire AXE weighs 2 pounds and 4 ounces, while the Mini is 1 pound and 14 ounces. The lightweight Empire Mini takes the points on this one since it is easier to carry and use, especially for long games.

A heavy paintball marker will cause fatigue in the arms, reducing accuracy as the game proceeds. The Empire Mini will be an ideal fit for children or beginners as they will easily handle it.

The marker length

 The Empire AXE has a total length of 18 inches which is a bit long for most people. It makes the gun difficult to maneuver, especially in woodsball, where there are bushes. The advantage of the larger size is that it makes the gun easier to aim using both hands.

The Empire Mini is 4 inches shorter than the AXE despite having the same barrel length. The gun size of 14 inches makes it look more like a paintball pistol and easier to maneuver.

Balls per second 

The Empire AXE has a firing rate of 25 balls per second which will surely demolish any resistance you run into in the arena. 

The Empire Mini fires at 15+ balls per second which is lower than the AXE, but it isn’t entirely a problem.

Higher firing rates are popular among newbies since they are yet to perfect their accuracy and tactics. Advanced players can work well with most firing rates as they prefer to preserve rounds and fire more accurately.

Empire AXE vs. Mini, Which Is The Best?

Empire AXE vs. Mini -1

Empire has been developing paintball markers for decades, and they have had time to perfect their designs. As such, the Empire AXE and Mini offer high performance, durability, and consistency in the arena.

Some notable features include the clamping feed neck that holds the hopper in place to prevent misalignment. Both guns feature an Autococker system, making them fire faster and easier for the user to operate. 

Their builds are compact and high quality to ensure durability in all terrain. The Empire AXE and Mini come with a standard 2-year Empire warranty as quality assurance. 

These guns have many similar features, but the final choice will come from the missing ones. It will depend on preference and the type of game a player intends to use the marker for.

The Empire mini has an adjustable psi, making it ideal for younger players. It loses points for ease of maintenance since it doesn’t have a toolless bolt system like the AXE. The Mini, however lighter and smaller than the Empire AXE, offers the same performance. 

This ease of movement and maneuverability makes the Empire Min the best choice for beginners, children, or people looking for a lightweight option. The Empire AXE is ideal for professionals that are accustomed to heavy guns.


Hopefully, this article brought facts on both sides of the Empire AXE vs. Mini debate, and you are in a position to make a wise purchase. Both guns are from Empire, one of the most reliable paintball gear companies, so you can expect the best performance.

They have some weight, size, and firing rate differences but offer about the same performance. The Mini is smaller, lighter, and has an adjustable operation pressure; therefore, it’s the best choice for most beginners. Advanced players can opt for the AXE’s power and accuracy. 

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