Spyder MR100 Review – Best Entry-Level Marker

Spyder MR100 Review

The Spyder MR100 review is a great paintball gun for entry-level, intermediate, and advanced players. 

The MR100 is a popular marker from Spyder that has the potential to be a game-changing paintball gun. 

The MR100 is a high-performance marker with a much lower price tag and added benefits. It is a high-end, mid-range priced gun that will appeal to both entry-level players and skilled players looking for a great secondary marker. 

The Spyder MR100 has been out for about eight years, and it’s fair to say that it doesn’t disappoint. 

Let’s take an objective look at the Spyder MR100 so you can decide if this would be a good fit as your next marker. So, 

What Makes The MR100 Review A Great Pick?

MR100 Review

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The Spyder MR100 pro-semi-automatic paintball marker is a great gun for any level player. It’s best for both beginner and experienced paintball players. 

The Spyder MR100 is accurate and lightweight, which are some of the essential features of a marker. It’s also safe and easy to use, making it great for beginners. 

The paintball gun construction consists of high-quality materials that make it durable. In addition, it’s easy to maintain and also very affordable. Read on to learn more about the gun and decide if it fits your needs. 

Comparison Table 

  • Brand: Spyder
  • Color: Olive/ Green
  • Item Weight: 20 Ounces
  • Air Gun Powder: CO2
  • Rounds: 800
  • Caliber: 0.177
  • Ideal for beginner players
  • Extremely accurate
  • Durable aluminum build
  • Clear and efficient shots
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • It’s not so upgradable

Key Features

When it comes to paintball guns, the market has options. There are a staggering number of brands and models to choose from. 

Not to mention all the different accessories and add-ons you should invest in. All these are enough to make your head spin! 

With so much variety, finding the right one for you can take time and effort. But this article narrows down your options by describing one of the most popular paintball guns on the market. 

It comprehensively talks about the Spyder MR100 paintball marker. Here are the best features of this model that you should look out for when shopping for a paintball marker.

1. Firing Ability 

You’ll love the Spyder MR100 firing ability. The paintball gun has a bit longer trigger pull than most on the market, but you can still handle it with one finger. 

The marker shoots approximately 6 – 8 shots per second. It features the EKI valve system compatible with the 20-ounce paintball tank. 

The gun offers approximately 1600 shots before you need to refill it. This makes it rank as one of the most efficient in the market. 

The paintball gun has an amazing kickback that won’t stress your arms. It also offers great accuracy of up to 300 feet, but to achieve this accuracy, you should practice enough. 

2. Durability

Today most manufacturers use aluminum on their paintball markers because of its durability. The Spyder MR100 is no exception; it is made of aluminum, making it durable. 

The aluminum material is also lightweight, making the gun great for newbies. They can easily carry it and maneuver in the paintball field without any trouble. 

However, you won’t love the accessories that come with this piece. For example, most players complain that the mask and harness could be of better quality. They easily slip when wet and tend to break. 

Still, they are best for any entry-level players. You can use them and upgrade later when you feel the sport is for you. 

3. Value 

Generally, the price of this marker varies according to sellers. But it’s still an affordable deal. That’s why most entry-level players pick it. 

Despite its price, the paintball marker has great features that attract advanced players. But keep in mind that the package might only include the gun or also have its accessories. 

If you buy the entire kit, you’ll spend much more than when you only buy the gun. It’s good to buy a gun with its entire kit; they are usually discounted and fit well. 

4. Maintenance 

No paintball player like high-maintenance gear. Amazing, the MR100 isn’t one of them. This paintball gun is easy to clean; you can do this in minutes. 

You only need to detach one piece to clean it. When maintaining the gun, always add oil to the piston; this ensures it’s smooth. If you don’t oil your entry-level paintball gun well, your piston might develop scratches. Or the O-ring might fail, and the replacement will dearly cost you. 

The paintballs are the most costly accessories in this game because they run out fast and are costly. To save on costs, ensure that the balls aren’t breaking in the barrel. 

A dirty paintball gun barrel will have your paints breaking every time. So always clean your paintball barrel. 

5. Military-Style Design 

Are you an entry-level player and need a gun that doesn’t scream beginner? If yes, you’ll love the Spyder MR100 military-style design and classic look. Plus, the marker is so economical.

With the Spyder MR100, it won’t look like you started playing paintball. The gun looks professional and compact and has room to add more accessories. It’s also lightweight, and you can easily carry it around the paintball field. 

6. EKO Valve Mechanism 

It’s certainly the feature that most paintball players love in this Spyder MR100. The EKO valve mechanism allows the gun to shoot at least 1500 paintballs with the same consistency. 

The mechanism uses 20 oz. air tank that is powerful and thus efficient. You’ll experience consistency in both velocity and speed. The EKO valve mechanism also reduces the issue of paintballs breaking in the gun’s barrel. 

7. Two-Finger Trigger

This trigger design makes it more comfortable to use. Most entry-level paintball markers have a one-finger trigger, which is usually hard to use. 

The one-finger trigger can be hard to press, especially if it needs to be smoother. With the Spyder MR100, its two-finger trigger enhances your comfort when taking shots. 

It’s even better with its large trigger space. You’ll have more room for your fingers, and it’s ideal for those with large fingers. 

8. Velocity Adjuster

The Spyder MR100 features an efficient velocity adjuster. It’s a simple screw at the side of the paintball gun. As the name suggests, the velocity adjuster adjusts the air that pushes the paintball out. 

Therefore you’ll be able to play with the right velocity throughout the game. It allows you to adjust how strong and fast you shoot the paintballs.

9. Single-Bolt System

The MR100 paintball gun has a single-bolt system that is easy to maintain. Some gun maintenance practices need one to remove the screws that hold the marker. 

In such instances, you won’t waste much time on the marker trying to figure out how to open it. 

Tips On How To Maintain Your Spyder MR100 Paintball Gun

Do you have an unending love for playing paintball? If you do, you must take care of your gun to make it last longer. 

As with any other equipment, your Spyder MR100 paintball gun needs maintenance and proper storage to stay in good condition for as long as possible. 

This article will explore some general tips on maintaining your paintball gun, so it lasts longer. They Include: 

Clean Your Paintball Gun Regularly

The most basic thing you can do to maintain your Spyder MR100 paintball gun is to clean it regularly. The barrel is the most important part of a paintball gun that needs regular cleaning. 

When cleaning your paintball gun, you’ll have to disassemble it to clean all its parts effectively. They include the hopper, paintballs, barrel, etc. 

You should take off the barrel if you want to clean it thoroughly. Then, you can use warm water, dishwashing liquid, and paintball cleaning pellets to clean the paintball gun thoroughly. 

For the barrel, you should buy the best paintball squeegees. They are vital pieces of equipment that’ll efficiently clean all the parts of the barrel. 

Since paintball guns get dirty quickly, you should clean your paintball gun after every game.

Use High-Quality Lubricant

Paintball guns need regular maintenance, including lubrication. Without it, your gun will likely wear out much faster. 

After each game, clean your paintball gun thoroughly and then lubricate it. Make sure to use a high-quality lubricant for paintball markers as it withstands the elements. 

You can also clean and lubricate your paintball gun before storing it. First, remove any paintballs and CO2 air tanks from your gun. Then, use a cloth and a cleaning solvent to wipe down the exterior of your gun. 

Finally, apply a thin coat of lubricant to the exterior of your marker and the moving parts. This will help prevent rust and other damage.

Store Your Marker Properly

Proper storage is the key to making your Spyder MR100 paintball gun last longer. You should store your paintball gun in a cool and dry place. 

If you’re storing your paintball gun in a garage, make sure that the garage is not too humid, or your paintball gun might end up rusting. 

Remove all the paintballs or CO2 cartridges when storing your paintball gun so they don’t clog up the barrel. They might also damage other parts of the paintball gun. 

You can also place your MR100 in a paintball gun case to protect it from dust, humidity, and more.

Check For Worn Out Parts

Regular check for worn-out parts on your Spyder MR100 gun is important. This includes the barrel, regulator, trigger, and other moving parts. 

If something wears out, you should replace it with a new part as soon as possible. If you don’t take note of such parts, they will likely cause more damage to your paintball gun. Plus your gun accuracy will be better than usual, affecting your overall performance. 

If you need help telling if a part is old, you can take your high-performance paintball gun to a shop and ask a technician to inspect it. You can ask for a referral from your teammates or other paintball players.

Maintain The Air Regulator and Solenoid Valve

If you play paintball in extreme temperatures or humidity, your regulator and solenoid valve might wear out quickly. 

In this case, you might notice that the consistency of your shots is different from usual. Or, you’ll find it hard loading paintballs into the hopper. 

You should clean and lubricate your regulator and solenoid valve after every game to prevent this problem. Do this more often if you play in extreme temperature or humidity conditions. You can do this by spraying a cleaning solvent through the valve and then lubricating it.

Why You Need The Best Paintball Gun

Most paintball players understand the importance of owning a good paintball gun. The primary role of the paintball marker is to make shots. A great paintball gun is reliable and easy to use. 

The gun should be able to shoot accurately and consistently. Go for a gun that is easy to aim and comfortable if you’ll be playing for extended hours. Plus, the best paintball gun should have a smooth barrel that doesn’t break paintballs

Amazingly there are several brands out here to choose from. Each brand/ model has its unique features that make them stand out. 

So, pick one that fully meets all your specific needs. The Spyder MR 100 is one of the best reliable paintball guns on the market today. 


The Spyder MR100 review has all the information you need to know about the paintball gun. Generally, the Spyder MR 100 is a great gun for players of all levels. 

The paintball marker is made of durable materials and will thus last longer. It’s the best choice for price-sensitive players who need a marker to take them through their careers. 

Overall, the marker’s features are great and enhance its performance. You’ll surely love it. 

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