The Best Paintball Fields In The US – For Indoor And Outdoor Paintball

Best Paintball Fields In The US

Any paintball player, beginner, or pro, has to know the best paintball fields in the US. Paintball is a great activity for all ages and experience levels. 

However, the fun you get hugely depends on the field you’re playing from. You will only have a great time if the field is well-constructed and maintained. But if it’s well built and managed, you’ll have an exceptionally great experience. 

The article lists the 15 most amazing paintball fields in the United States. Read on to learn more about the paintball fields and what they offer. 

The Best Paintball Fields In The US

1. Skirmish Paintball

The Skirmish paintball is one of the USA’s most popular and largest fields. The field has more than 50 amazing paintball maps in the world. 

Skirmish paintball sits on 750 acres of prime Poconos real estate. The skirmish paintball map has everything that a paintball player needs. 

They include creeks, dense woods, swamps, open fields, villages, speedball arenas, airplanes, and more. 

Amazingly you don’t need any experience to play at the skirmish paintball field. They also provide the necessary paintball equipment and have an easy-going staff who will answer your questions. 

2. Wayne’s World of Paintball

The paintball field is in Ocala, Florida. Wayne’s world of paintball sits on more than 60 acres. Most paintball players visit this place because it offers everything they need. 

It has three speedball fields, an airstrip, an Incan pyramid, a two-story church, speed trails, and much more. As much as this paintball field doesn’t have several themed fields, it has various fun sections. 

They include the boat basin, sinker town, railway tower, etc. The sinker town is quite amazing; it has woods and is best for paintball snipers. You’ll love it here. 

3. D-Day Adventure Park

It’s an exceptional field in Oklahoma. Famous Oklahoma has been the biggest paintball scenario in the USA for a long time. 

The D-Day adventure park is one of the fields that made Oklahoma famous for paintball. It is home to massive paintball, camping, high-speed motocross events, long-range shooting courses, and much more. 

You can check out the paintball field calendar to learn about the available events. The World War II theme of the D-Day adventure park regularly attracts over 4000 players. 

Today the D-day Adventure Park is among the largest paintball fields in the USA. It sits on over 740+ acres of land; if you aren’t careful, you can easily get lost in the woods.  

Generally, the field has a lot to offer; you’ll get the chance to use tanks, bazookas, and much more. 

4. OSG Paintball

The OSG, or Outdoor Strategic Games paintball, was established in the early ’90s. For years its management has worked to create a great paintball environment. Here you’ll get the paintball experience unmatched by other paintball fields. 

It has a great staff that will solve all your problems and offers tips on playing paintball. 

OGS paintball has a star wars theme with Ewok village, an x-wing fighter, and two stories AT-AT. Everything in this paintball field makes it the best place for alien fans. 

While at OSG paintball, you don’t have to worry about getting hungry. The paintball field offers fresh and high-quality food in their restaurant. 

5. Paintball Explosion

The paintball explosion in Chicago has a lot to offer. The field model is after the most popular video games, which include modern warfare and call of duty. 

The paintball field is always upgrading its facilities. Today it offers activities such as walk-on play, laser, airsoft tag parties, etc. 

It also offers various gaming styles that you can enjoy. You can play low-impact paintball, laser tag, or paintball or enjoy their amazing bar and grill. 

You can visit the park every weekend and try the different game styles until you find one you love. 

The field is usually open on Saturday and Sunday. It’s also available 7-days a week for private group bookings. 

Note that the paintball field welcomes all groups and events. This includes birthday parties, private groups, corporate groups, bachelor parties, etc.

6. Hollywood Sports

Hollywood Sports is a multi-million dollar investment in California. It’s one of the best fields in the USA and features many activities. 

Hollywood Sports has amazing deals; you can save with an annual membership. So, if you play paintball more than once monthly, you need a membership. 

The paintball field is the best place for anyone who is 10+ years. It offers all the necessary equipment to kids to help them enjoy the paintball game. But it’s also a great place for experienced paintball players who own their equipment. 

The paintball field features a shop that offers many high-performance markers, goggles, and more. Amazingly all the equipment in their shop is from the best brands in the world. 

You can order gourmet food from their restaurant when you aren’t playing paintball.

7. EMR Event Park 

The EMR event park is in Pennsylvania and offers action-packed outdoor events which are fun-filled. EMR, or Endless Mountain Recreation, is family-owned and sits on a 122-acre. 

The recreational facility is 30 minutes from Scranton, Pennsylvania. It specializes in hosting events and paintball games. Other activities you can get in this field are mud runs, airsoft venues, and more. 

The park also features various natural and artificial terrains. They include two towns, bunkhouses, a stage, three castles, etc. All these mean that the field can accommodate your playing and recreational needs. 

Other fun games available in this field include volleyball, corn hole, can jam, etc. The Endless Mountain reaction is the best destination for people looking to engage in outdoor activities. 

8. Legacy Adventure Park

The Legacy Adventure Park is in Chicago and is quickly becoming popular. This paintball field has 7 themed playing fields on 66 acres of lakes, forest, and cliffside views. 

Legacy Adventure Park has movie-quality scenery that offers an immersive experience. It also features state-of-art gameplay technology that enhances every gameplay. 

Legacy Adventure Park has a great crew that’ll guide you around the park. Therefore you’ll be able to maximize your playtime at the park. 

You can also break for the non-stop action by visiting the park’s bar and café at a picnic table, lakeside. 

The Legacy Adventure Park is natural and well-located in Illinois; you’ll get the best in airsoft and paintball. You can visit the park as a solo adventurer or book a private party. 

It has skilled planners that’ll help you create a custom party. It host’s all types of parties, including bachelor/ bachelorette parties, company parties, and more. 

9. American Paintball Park

The paintball field is in Livermore, CA. It has a 6.6-acre field, ideal for group events, parties, and all level paintball players. 

The park has incredible facilities and staff that ensure your gaming atmosphere is okay. It means you’ll always enjoy your time here regardless of what you’re doing. 

The parks will allow you to participate in friendly competitions, special events, birthday parties, or corporate events. The American Paintball Park isn’t about winning or losing; rather, it’s about having fun. 

10. Central Florida Paintball 

Are you a paintball player looking for serious fun? The Central Florida Paintball will give you the entire thrill you want. It doesn’t matter what season it is; you can visit this field and have fun. 

It has the best gear and staff to ensure you have the best time possible. The Central Florida Paintball is among the few places in Florida with real wood paintball, hybrid fields, inflatable fields, and forts.  

You’ll also love its competitive pricing, making it the best paintball place. 

11. Orbital Paintball 

The orbit paintball is an amazing paintball field that you should visit. You don’t need reservations to enjoy all the activities at Orbital Paintball. 

All you need to do is show up at the paintball field, pay, and play with other walk-on groups. These walk-on groups consist of anyone showing up at the paintball field. 

Other than playing paintball, you can check out the paintball fields at Billy n Dem BBQ. It’s their popular food vendor that offers great food and drinks. It serves hotdogs, hamburgers, sausages, chicken tenders, etc. 

12. Blitz Paintball  

The Blitz paintball is one of the most visited and highly rated fields in the rocky mountain region. It has 7 paintball fields which include a two-story castle. 

Blitz paintball is the best place for bridal, bachelor, and birthday parties. You can also take your team or company events to this paintball field. 

The blitz paintball is the best option for special occasions and general play. The Blitz paintball field is in Denver, Colorado, a short ride from firestone, boulder, etc. 

Blitz paintball has high-quality rental equipment which includes paintball masks, and it keeps them updated. They clean their equipment after every use, which is the best experience. 

13. Pittsburgh Paintball Park

The Pittsburgh Paintball Park is the region’s newest mega paintball theme field. If you’re tired of the same old paintball party, you should visit the Pittsburgh Paintball Park. 

You’ll love how affordable the place is. You can book group party packages; the staff will designate the best picnic areas and pavilions. The theme of this place is from video games such as Call of Duty. 

The Pittsburgh Paintball Park has quality maps. Pittsburgh Park features a military compound, shipping depot, hidden temple, etc. 

14. Extreme Rage Paintball Park

The Extreme Rage paintball field is the best in the South Florida area. It is in a central location; you can easily access it from any major highway. 

It also neighbors the famous MIA and Lauderdale airports. Extreme Rage Paintball Park is family owned business and has been around for more than 20 years. 

It has three playing areas: one airball and two wooded fields. Both playing areas are usually well-lit at night; this means you can enjoy paintball any time. 

The wooded area has sniper towers, hills, tunnels, machine gun bunkers, etc. 

Extreme Rage Paintball Park has a five-bedroom house. The house simulates the close combat quarters. 

The paintball field also has scenario games that you can play during the day or at night. Overall, the field is ideal for both competitive and recreational players. You’ll get the chance to experience this adrenaline game. 

15. Capital Edge Paintball 

The Capital Edge Paintball is one of the best fields in Northern California. The multi-field complex offers something for all skill-level players. 

It offers great rental equipment and unique terrain. You’ll love how well-maintained the equipment at Capital Edge Paintball is. Its staff constantly cleans and disinfects the equipment, restroom, and more. 

You can also visit the paintball field with your equipment. The paintball field has Instagram and Facebook pages that post all their latest activities.

What Are The Costs Involved In Opening A Paintball Field?

The paintball game appeals to people who have disposable income and leisure time. You should also ensure that you don’t have any medical conditions. 

Experts estimate that to open a paintball field; you’ll need approximately $50,000. It depends on the field type you want to open. 

In addition, you’ll need an operating license, insurance, and other additional permits. They range from $3500 to $5000, depending on local laws. 

You’ll spend about $10,000 to prepare the field surface. You need a space of about 10,000 feet to set up an outdoor arena; you might have to pay rent of approximately $6000. 

The paintball field you establish will need equipment. The electro-mechanical or an entry-level semi-automatic paintball gun is essential equipment. 

There are different types of paintball guns, and they cost anywhere from $70. You’ll also need professional paintball guns, which cost as much as $2000. 

Other must-have equipment includes compressed air, which costs from $50 to $200. Compressed air tanks are more efficient than CO2 tanks but are more expensive to test and maintain. 

You’ll also need paint; there are different types of paints in the market. However, the inexpensive paints cost approximately $30—the higher-grade professional paint cost around $80. 

The paintball masks are essential equipment in paintball; you’ll get a good piece at as low as $20. You’ll incur other costs, such as tank refilling, etc. You’ll also need legal advice creating the brochures, disclaimer, waivers, etc. 

What are some of The Ongoing Expenses for a Paintball Field?

  • Electricity for temperature control and lighting 
  • Salaries 
  • Equipment replacement
  • Equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • Space rental fees 
  • HPA and C02 tank refills, paint, etc. 


Now that you know some of the best paintball fields in the US, it’s time to enjoy your paintball. A good paintball field should offer more than just paintball. 

It should have a great and adventurous terrain and several facilities. They include a paintball store where you can buy paintball gear. It should also have refreshment places such as restaurants, a bar, etc. 

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