What Is PSP Mode In Paintball? Meaning Explained

What Is PSP Mode In Paintball

Paintball is a unique sport and comprises different tournaments. Diverse paintball tournaments take place every year, and each tournament has its rules and regulations. 

Like other sports, paintballs have terminologies paintballers are expected to know. For instance, you’ll hear terms like PSP and PSP mode. 

In this post, we’re going to explain what PSP mode means and give you more details on this topic. Let’s dive in quickly. 

What Does PSP Mean? 

Firstly, understand that PSP means many things. But in paintball, it means “Paintball Sports Promotions.”

Every year, diverse paintball tournaments take place and PSP is one of them. 

The Paintball Sports Promotions was an American national tournament series and it was organized throughout the country annually. 

The PSP organizes five paintball tournaments each year and it is regarded as one of the most popular paintball leagues. 

Different teams participate in PSP tournaments each year across the country. Furthermore, each team is classified and grouped according to their skill level. 

Here is how teams are classified in the PSP in descending order. 

  • Division IV (D4)
  • Division III (D3)
  • Division II (D2)
  • Semi-professional and professional division also known as challengers and champions divisions.

The tournament is well-organized and comes packed with action. You can see how the teams are grouped to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to play according to their skill level. 

When does the PSP tournament start? Here is another good question. As I explained earlier, the competition usually takes place every year and it starts in March. 

In other words, division four (D4) opens the competition in March and it ends with the Championship division in October. 

So, it’s eight months of fierce battle between rivals and success-hungry paintballers across the country. 

Now, the NXL has taken over, filling the shoes the PSP left behind. The NXL now organizes its own series and championship events, using its format and rules.

What Paintball Team Has Competed In PSP Pro Division?

The paintball pro division is where the big boys in the game put their skills to test. Several top teams have competed in the pro division since 2015, and below are some of the big names in the game.

  • Houston Heat
  • Baltimore Revo
  • Upton 187 Crew
  • Chicago Aftershock
  • Edmonton Impact
  • San Diego Dynasty
  • Los Angeles Infamous
  • Moscow Red Legion
  • Los Angeles Ironmen
  • San Antonio X-Factor
  • TradeMyGun Outlaws

So these were top teams that played in the PSP pro division. Today, they’re also among the top paintball teams in the world. 

Is The PSP World Cup Dead?

Yes, it has crumpled. The PSP was the main paintball competition in the United States, but one thing led to another, and the organizers couldn’t keep the competition afloat. 

The main backers, Dye, got into serious financial distress. In addition, the competition was becoming dysfunctional and many players were getting tired of the whole thing. 

The organizers did what they thought they could to rescue the situation, but couldn’t succeed. That was how the PSP crumbled.    

As earlier said, the NXL has filled the shoes the PSP left behind and they’re a breath of fresh air for the sport. 

The NXL is way more organized and has the right structure in place to give paintball the publicity it deserves. 

NXL competitions also take place every year, and are organized in different formats and rules. 

What Does PSP Mode Imply?

Different firing modes exist in paintballs, and PSP mode is one of them. It’s called PSP Ramping, while the other two firing modes are NXL and Millennium Ramping. 

Now, what does PSP mode entail? 

The PSP mode is the mode of firing approved by the organizers of PSP tournaments. It refers to an enhanced ramping mode that allows paintballers to shoot faster than they’re pulling the trigger. 

The paintball gun will shoot in semi automatic mode and after meeting certain conditions, the enhanced mode will kick in. 

Now, here is how you activate the PSP mode of firing. You have to fire 3 semi auto shots at a rate of 5pbs (5 bullets per second) or higher. 

If you continue pulling the trigger at this rate, the enhanced firing mode will kick in. And your paintball marker will start firing at 15.4pbs. 

However, most paintballers use the 0.4pbs as a safety buffer and set their markers at 15pbs.

So, consider setting your marker at 15pbs or the agreed ramping range for the tournament. 

Also, keep in mind that several versions of the PSP mode were developed then to improve the rate of fire in diverse ways. However, the official PSP mode was always based on the 3-round bursts on each trigger pull to improve the rate of fire.    

Why Paintball Make A Great Team Building Activities For The Workplace 

Richard Branson said, “take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business.” Your employees are the backbone of your business. 

Furthermore, teamwork is essential in the workplace. It can also be the difference between a successful company and a struggling one. 

So, if you’re thinking of an ideal teamwork-building activity for your employees, you’re in the right place. Get them to play paintball and you’ll see the result manifest in your business. 

Paintball will help build skills that are highly needed in the workplace. It can also improve the morale and productivity of your employees. 

So, without much ado, check the reasons paintball is the ideal teamwork activity for your company. 

1. Paintball relieve stress:

Stress is one of the biggest killers of productivity. And it’s inevitable, given the pressure and workload employees face each day at work. 

Interestingly, paintball can take the stress away and make your employees more productive. Your employees will have fun and be physically active. 

Don’t forget that exercise releases endorphins, which lowers one’s stress levels. Also, paintball will give your employees a chance to do other things besides work and they’ll reward you with improved productivity for that kind act.

2. Improves teamwork:

Paintball is a team sport. Team members must come together to strategize and ensure everyone is involved. 

It’s the same thing in the business world. Teams with good relationships do better than the ones that like that work independently because of selfish reasons. 

Teams that stick together and work together are most likely to be victorious in paintball. Your employees will see a practical example of this when playing paintball.

3. Improve relationship:

Paintball is fun to play and can build the relationship your company craves. It can also improve morale and give your employees or team the opportunity to know and help each other. 

Companies whose employees share great relationships enjoy improved staff retention. 

4. Communication:

Communication is one of the top skills required in paintball. A team that wants to win must communicate effectively. Otherwise, the opponents may outsmart them. 

In the workplace, communication is also an important ingredient for success. 

Paintball is a team game and in such games, communication has to be effective. You have to listen to the plans your team members have and make your contributions. 

During the game, players have to share their ideas with other teammates. Let them know where you’re advancing to and get their suggestions too. 

You can’t work independently and achieve success in a paintball game. Even if you’re using a strategy that allows each team member to act independently, they must act according to the original tactic and communicate with others when necessary. 

So, if you want your staff to build effective communication skills, get them to play paintball. They’ll have practical experience on the way communication can make, or mare a team. 

5. Problem-solving skills:

Problem-solving is another important skill in the workplace. Businesses are established to solve problems and you can help improve your staff’s problem-solving skills through paintball. 

Paintball is a game of tactics and strategy. And the team with the best strategy and execution wins. In addition to strategizing, you must think two steps ahead of your opponents when playing paintball and be able to think on your feet. 

So, improve the problem-solving skills at the office by getting your employees to play paintball occasionally. This way, you put them in a situation where they have to overcome obstacles and think strategically on ways to achieve their objectives. 


What is PSP mode in paintball? Firstly, PSP means “Paintball Sports Promotions.” It used to be one of the popular paintball tournaments across the United States of America. NOW, NXL has taken over. 

 PSP has a ramping method called PSP mode. And you have to pull the trigger a number of times to activate this mode. 

Another thing we discussed was the way paintball can benefit the workplace. A number of business owners don’t know this, but the truth is, paintball can make the workplace better.

It can improve morale, relieve stress, improve relationships, and help employees to build skills needed in the workplace. 

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