What To Wear To Paintball Tn the Summer; Paintball Clothing 

What To Wear To Paintball Tn the Summer

You are in the right place if you are looking for what to wear to paintball in the summer. Paintball is a year-round game, and as the seasons change, it becomes a question of outdoor vs. indoor paintball. Getting the right clothing will make a big difference in your game.

Summer is hot, and it can get extreme in some places. This doesn’t mean you cannot have some paintball fun. 

With the right clothing, you can play paintball in the summer without risking your health. Here is a guide to safe paintball during summer;

What To Wear To Paintball in The Summer

For summer, you should use lightweight single-layer clothes and supplement knee and elbow pads. You can use a thin-sleeved T-shirt or a breathable long-sleeve option. 

Absorbent materials like cotton will help eliminate sweat and make you more comfortable. The ladies can ditch the bra and panties and go with layers. Use a lighter backpack and add a goggle visor to your helmet to block the sun.

What To Look For In Outfits For Paintball In Summer

Summer paintball can be fun since there isn’t any rain or wetness in the woods. The biggest challenge is that the nice terrain has a lot of heat. 

It can be challenging to stay cool, especially since you will be running around throughout the game.

Wear lightweight clothing

Usually, thick clothing is the best for paintball since it prevents injuries and the pinch of the paintballs. 

However, in summer, thick clothing is your worst enemy. You will be sweaty and exhausted within 5 minutes of the game if you wear thick clothing.

Get light clothing that doesn’t trap all your body heat. This way, you can lose heat and play longer without sweating to dehydration.

Get short sleeves or sleeveless. 

This tip only applies to the top since wearing trousers while playing paintball is safe. The goal is to have maximum airflow in the heat. Airflow increases the rate of sweat evaporation which will cool your body down.

Sleeveless shorts allow for maximum airflow, which will keep you cool. Long sleeves limit the air that can get into your clothing; thus, you get sweaty while remaining warm. 

Also, ensure the clothing is loose, allowing for aeration. For pants, use wide-legged pants or a pair a few sizes larger than you’d normally wear. 

Select Breathable fabrics

You will notice a difference between breathable fabrics and those that hold moisture during summer. Most synthetic clothes are not breathable and will get wet and uncomfortable when you sweat.

Choose clothes with 100% linen, silk, or cotton. These are breathable, and they will absorb sweat and dry off as you play. The best paintball jerseys for summer will keep you fresh, so you have a comfortable experience.

Denim is not an option.

Denim is a heavy fabric that works perfectly for paintball during other seasons. It is tough and will protect you from most bruises on the arena. During summer, its thickness and weight make denim a liability.

It will trap your body heat and sweat, which will cause you to sweat more. You will be at risk of dehydration, and you will be very uncomfortable. Denim does not dissipate sweat, and it will get rough on your thighs in a few hours.

If you have to use denim, use a larger size that allows for aeration and free motion. You should squat, jump, bend and run comfortably to perform best in paintball.

Shoes are important

Your shoes are a big part of playing and can help prevent injuries. Summer has dry ground, so grip is not a major concern, but sweat and heat are. You should avoid leather shoes, especially black ones.

Black leather shoes will bake your feet in the heat, and you will have blisters for days. A great alternative is walking boots or trainers. Trainers often have a cotton lining on the upper surface, which insulates against heat.

Additionally, the porous nature of the shoe means you will not deal with sweat even in the hot sun. 

Get a shoe with a nice grip to avoid ankle twists and slipping, which can cause many injuries. Breathable shoes are the best for summer.

Tips For Playing Paintball In The Summer Heat

Summer can get brutal, but you can still have a lot of fun with the right accessories. Paintball is strenuous in regular conditions, and the summer heat worsens it. If you want to have an easier time playing paintball in summer, here are some tips for you;

1. Hydrate

You sweat more than usual when it is hot as your body tries to cool. As a result, you lose a lot of water and need to replenish it. 

Drink as much water as possible several days before you go to the arena to keep your body at its peak hydration level.

On game day, carry coolers with water and real fruit juice to drink when thirsty. Don’t drink soda or sugary synthetic juices, as they make you thirsty. Plan for your resources and drink water based on your time, so you don’t run out.

2. Protect your CO2 cans and paintballs

Store your CO2 tanks and paintballs in a cooler. The intense heat will soften the paintball’s shells and cause an expansion. 

The soft paintballs will deform in the loader and cause jams and feeding problems leaving you defenseless. 

Keep them in a cooler to maintain their original form so you can fire effectively. Remember to place all your gear in shades when you aren’t using it since intense sunlight can ruin its performance.

CO2 tanks will blow their burst disks if you leave them in the sun. The intense heat will increase the pressure in the tank, and a safety feature will release the air leaving you unarmed. The sun can ruin HPA tank seals and regulators.

3. Get a good paintball mask and spare lenses.

Summer heat means a lot of sweat, and intense sweating will cause mask fogging. This is most prevalent in humid locales, and it will obstruct your view. To avoid this, get a good paintball mask with a thermal lens.

Dual pane lenses help reduce fogging, and you will have better vision than regular lenses with a single pane. 

A spare lens will be helpful in extreme cases when you need to switch. If the lens change system in your mask is slow, you should get two masks.

Some players opt for goggle fans which work great, but they are noisy; you will compromise your hearing to see well. 

Tie a sweatband or bandana across your forehead to prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes as it gets itchy.

4. Pace yourself 

Remember that you are straining when you play, so you don’t push yourself too hard. Play the game slowly, take rests, and take water breaks. Give your body time to recover and build energy for the next game.

Take a knee in the shade for a few minutes and catch your breath. Cool off, take a load off your feet, and then get up and continue the game. This will allow you to play longer without exhaustion rather than sprinting through the game.

5. Be cautious of the sun.

Stay out of direct sunlight by attacking through trees and shades as much as possible. You will overheat faster when you are in direct sunlight. The paintballs in your pods will also get messy in direct sunlight, so you must avoid it.

You will probably have short sleeve clothes, so you need sunscreen; otherwise, you will get sunburn. 

Get a waterproof brand of sunscreen since you will sweat a lot. Apply in the morning and during breaks, so you don’t end up with a giggle tan line. 

You can add a visor to your mask to block out the sun. This will improve visibility, allowing you to see opponents easily and shoot more accurately. If possible, keep the sun on your back to have clear visibility.

6. Take long breaks between games.

Allowing yourself enough recovery time will make a big difference in your performance. Don’t push yourself to play back-to-back games since you might not be able to handle them. Take long breaks, hydrate, have light snacks, then get back to the game.

This time is enough for your body to cool and your muscles to rest. You will have an easier time recovering after all the games than if you played the games back to back. You can skip one or two games until you feel up to it.

How To Prepare For Paintball In Summer

You know what to do on game day, but what should you do in preparation for the game? The right preparations will make your game more fun and less exhausting. Here are some important things you should do before you play paintball in summer;

Pick out the proper clothing.

Summer paintball can be hell if you have thick clothing. Get sleeveless, lightweight, and breathable clothing in advance. 

These will help you cool and dissipate sweat from your body; thus, you will be more comfortable.

Thick clothing puts you at the risk of overheating, especially if the game is quick. Footwear is crucial for paintball, and the right shoes prevent blisters and ankle twists. Get comfortable, padded, breathable shoes with a nice grip.

Get a location with shaded playing areas.

You must cool and rest frequently when playing paintball in summer. This is crucial to help your body adjust, and you will play longer. Scout the local arenas and find the one with the most shades or get an indoor paintball arena.

A shade to store your gear is vital, especially the paintballs since heat will damage them. Water and other supplies will stay in the shades so they remain cool. Exposed fields increase the chances of overheating and heatstroke, which will ruin the game. 

Get food and water

You must pack some water and light food before going to the arena. Your body burns more calories when it is hot, so you need to replenish it by eating. Water will keep you hydrated and help prevent headaches after a long day.

Carry energy bars and light snacks that are easy to digest and move with. You should be able to carry your backpack without too much effort. Take an energy bar or two during breaks to replenish all your lost energy before returning.

You don’t want the water to get hot, so you should have a cooler to keep it cool. Keep the cooler under a tree or in a car in extreme heat; add some dry ice in the cooler. 

Pack a towel and extra clothes 

Summer is hot and dusty, especially if you play outdoor paintball. You will sweat, and the dust will stick to your wet, sweaty clothes. An extra set of clothes will be a refreshing change whether you want another game or not.

Feeling fresh and comfortable will make you more alert and increase your performance. You can get more tips for paintball, but comfort is important. A towel is important for wiping sweat off your hands, face, and body.

You will also need to clean your goggles since sweat will cause a fog that obstructs your view. Every accessory possible will make your playtime more comfortable.


You now know what to wear for paintball in summer, and you can take the necessary precautions to stay safe as you play. Summertime is hot, and you will be in trouble if you don’t drink enough water and use appropriate clothing.

You need to stay cool, so get lightweight clothing that will dissipate sweat and keep you comfortable. 

Summer comes with the hot sun, so get waterproof sunscreen and use it before all games. Stay in the shade and take enough rest to keep your body in its best shape.

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