How Long Does Paintball Game Last? Paintball Arena Time

How Long Does Paintball Game Last

Any new player will be wondering how long does paintball game last. This is an important question since it determines how much time you spend on the activity. 

Time management is important, and you also need to know how much paintball costs for better plans.

Paintball is a fun, immersive hobby and a great way to unwind and relax. So how much time do you need to participate in a comprehensive paintball game? And what will be happening within that time in the arena? Let’s get into the details and see;

How Long Does Paintball Game Last? 

The length of a paintball game will depend on the players and the type of paintball they are playing. On average, a game will last about 90 minutes using more than 250 rounds. 

Speedball and capture the flag games last about 15 minutes or less. Rec ball and woodsball games can go for about 30 minutes, and scenario paintball games last more than 24 hours.

What Happens Within The Allocated Time?

Most hobbies take less than 90 minutes, so what happens in an arena is a curiosity for most newbies. 

You can get a helpful article if you wonder, is paintball a sport? This article is more comprehensive and will give you all the necessary information.

The truth is that paintball has many aspects that require time. So what should you expect to do within your two-hour visit to the paintball arena?

Checking in and filling out waivers is the first step. Most arenas will need details on their players, including names, phone numbers, emergency contacts, and others. This is so they can identify everyone in the arena for security and planning purposes.

The players also need to sign waivers before going into the arena. Paintball can cause injury because of the terrain you play it in. The area has rocks, branches, walls, trees, and other potentially hazardous objects.

Waivers ensure the arena doesn’t drown in lawsuits due to injuries. Any player below 18 has to come with a parent or guardian to sign the waiver and consent forms. The players will then proceed to a game rule presentation. 

The staff will teach players to use all paintball equipment and the arena. They will go over the event rules and safety guidelines to prevent injury. 

After the orientation, the staff distributes the gear where you can choose different paintball sizes

Once ready, a staff member will take the team into the arena and stay with them throughout the game. The staff member in the arena will be like a referee, enforcing rules to ensure a safe and fun game.

If you don’t select to play privately, you will be in an arena with other teams playing their matches. After playing a few rounds, the staff will escort a team out of the arena to rest, reload and grab a drink.

Another team will go into the arena for their game during this time. Once rested, a team can go back and play another round. 

The length of the rounds depends on the player’s skill level, the size of the arena, and the number of paintballs they have.

Why Do Scenario Paintball Games Last So Long?

You must have been surprised to learn that scenario paintball games can last up to 36 hours. This is an intriguing aspect, and you must have wondered why they take so long. Paintball scenarios have been around for years, and many advanced paintball players love them.

Scenario paintball is becoming one of the most popular options for paintball players because of how realistic it is. It usually involves two or more teams of six players or more competing against each other. 

The specific competition can vary between capturing a flag or attacking and defending. For capturing the flag, each team has a flag that they keep at their base. The objective is to get the opponent’s flag from their camp without losing yours.

Attack and defend is another time-consuming scenario in a large field. There is an attacking side and a defending side. The attackers must claim something from a well-defended base within the playing area.

Regardless of the specific event, scenario games need a lot of space, skills, strategy, and time. Teams have to create ways to distract and eliminate opponents. They must use all their skills to defend their bases while attacking the opponent.

Scenario events usually involve advanced players, sometimes with military experience. This means it is harder for the players to eliminate each other as they are better off strategically.

The arena is also a factor in the time it takes to finish a scenario game. Normally these games take part in the woods with forests, houses, large trees, and bunkers that make them more fun. 

Large areas mean more player separation and hiding spots; thus, the game is longer. The best paintball fields in the US cover large tracts of land and have numerous hiding spots.

The factors make the game last between 10 and 36 hours, depending on the players. Participants will carry supplies like water and food into the playing area to make the game realistic. This is the most fun you could have playing paintball.

Most arenas will have scenario games once or twice weekly, and you must book in advance. The games mostly run from 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM, but each arena has its rules and house. Call the office or check out the website for your arena and find out.

Types Of Paintball Games And The Time They Take

Paintball has several major variations and different games within each variation. The variation and game you play will determine how long you spend at the arena. Here are some popular paintball games and the time they take to complete;

Team Deathmatch

This event is called elimination and is the most popular choice for paintball arenas. Several teams in the arena shoot at each other until everyone is out, which takes between 10 and 20 minutes.

The team with the remaining players wins the game. The game has many players, and it is easier to find them. 

For this reason, the teams will eliminate each other in as little as 10 minutes. This quick ending is why the game is so popular in arenas. 

Capture the flag

This game has two main variations; in the first one, only one flag is in the middle of the playing area. 

The teams eliminate each other while trying to get the flag, and whichever team takes the flag wins. This game takes about 10 minutes since it is a slaughter.

In the other variation, each one of the participating teams has a flag at their base. The objective is to protect your team’s flag and capture the other team’s flag. This game requires strategy, and it takes a bit longer.

Depending on the arena, you can play for approximately 20 minutes or half an hour. Larger arenas make the game harder and more realistic thus; they take longer. Capture the flag can feature in scenario games that take more than 24 hours.

Attack and Defend

This game involves a secure base, and two teams participate in it. One team is in the base and defends it against the second team. It combines stealth, strategy, and shooting skills, so it doesn’t take too long.

A game will go on for about 15 or 20 minutes. Both teams know where the opponents are, so finding and eliminating each other is easy. 

However, there is a lot of cover, and it’s easier to avoid paintballs. You can get more tips for paintball to help you win faster. 


For zombie or juggernaut games, you assign one highly skilled player the role of a juggernaut. The other players go and hide in the arena, and when they are ready, you unleash the juggernaut. The zombie will attempt to eliminate all players on the field.

The zombie can’t die; if they get shot, they return to the base and start over. If a team member is shot, they go back to the base and start as a zombie, and this goes on until everyone is a zombie.

The time for this event will depend on the number of players and the zombie’s skills. On average, it takes about 20 minutes or longer with skilled players. The game will take more than 30 minutes if there are more players.

Plant the Bomb

The objective is to locate a paint bomb within the arena and take it to the opponent’s base. It has variations, with one bomb for the game or each team having a bomb. The bomb is safe and won’t cause any paintball bruises and welts. 

Players will eliminate each other faster if there is a bomb in the arena, and the game will end in about 15 minutes. If one team is defending, the game is harder and can go for 20 minutes or more.


You now have the answer to the question, how long does paintball game last? And you can plan your next weekend more accurately. Paintball has numerous variations and games. These will determine how long the game will last.

A paintball game takes about 30 minutes but can take 2 hours or more. For experts, scenario games can go for up to 36 hours. These are intense and require a lot of skill, strategy, and dedication.

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