How To Get Paintball Paint Out Of Clothes: 4 Easy Steps

How To Get Paintball Paint Out Of Clothes

Paintball is a highly competitive and intense game. And there’s no way you can play paintball without sustaining paint stains on your clothes. The only way is when you don’t play paintball. 

Now the question is this. How do you get paintball out of clothes? Can you remove such stains? We’ll reveal all you need to know about getting paint stains out of clothes after playing paintball.

Can You Get Paintball Paint Out Of Clothes?

The simple answer is yes! You can remove the nasty paint stains from paintballs on clothes, as they are not permanent. 

The product that paintballs comprise makes the paint a breeze to remove from clothes. In addition, paintball comprises food-grade components such as polyethylene and gelatin. 

These food-grade products are a wise choice for paintball because they fade away from clothes over time.

 A Handy Tip: Don’t allow paintball stains to remain on your clothes for an extended period. Try to get the paint off your clothes as quickly as possible. 

Scrub the paint off the clothes carefully. The reason is to avoid damaging the clothes. 

Use mild laundry detergent and cold water to remove your clothes’ stains. Before starting the washing process, you may also pre-treating the stain on the clothes using a stain remover.

How To Get Paintball Paint Out Of Clothes

We have just shared some tips on how to wash paint stains off your paint-stained clothes. Now let’s go into the details properly. 

Washing paintball paint stains off clothes is a breeze. You can get it done with common laundry detergent. 

However, endeavor to scrub the paint off the clothes and wash thoroughly to ensure there are no residues behind. 

Follow the steps below to remove paint stains from your clothes. Unfortunately, it’s the norm after playing paintball. 

Step 1: Prepare your clothes for washing:

The first step is preparing the clothes for washing. First, get rid of sticks, burrs, leaves, or any object your clothes picked up while playing paintball on the field. 

The reason this step is important is for the safety of the washing machine. Allowing sticks and other objects into the machine can cause avoidable damage that’ll cause you some bucks to fix. 

Step 2: Pre-treat the stains on your clothes:

The next step is to pre-treat the stains to make it a breeze to come off your clothes. 

Now, how do you pre-treat? You can use any process you find comfortable. For example, you can use a stain remover, liquid detergent, or powder detergent. 

What can you use if there’s no stain remover? A substitute for stain remover is to mix an equal proportion of water and dish detergent. Then spray the mixture on the stain directly. 

A Handy Tip: Applying a stain remover or dish detergent on the paint stain is not enough. You need to work the remover or detergent into the stain. After that, let the detergent mixture or stain removal sit on the clothes for some minutes (2 -5 minutes) before sending them to the washing machine. 

Step 3: Washing the clothes:

The next step after the pre-treatment is to start washing the clothes. Set the washing machine to the highest temperature possible.

Consider the fabric’s care label when setting the temperature. You have to set a temperature that the fabric can withstand. 

Clothes composed of cotton blend or cotton will be fine in this setting. In other words, the stain will leave your clothes regardless of the detergent used. 

A Handy Tip: If you’re dealing with white clothes, add some bleach to the laundry cycle to help remove the stains faster. 

Step 4: Dry up your clothes:

The next important thing to do after washing is to hang up the clothes for them to dry naturally. 

While the clothes are on the rope, check the portion stained with paint for any trace of the stains. Check other areas of the clothes too. 

If you find any stains, repeat the process. But, this time, concentrate on the area where you have the stains. 

What Makes Paintball Paint Stain On Clothes Difficult?

Several things can make paintball paint stains on clothes hard to remove. Let’s look at the various factors. 

1: Paintball’s age:

Most paintballers don’t like using old paintballs because they don’t make games less interesting. 

Another thing that makes obsolete paintballs a bad idea is stain. Once the paint splashes on one’s clothes, they become difficult to remove. 

Why are aged paintballs difficult to remove? The paint in the paintballs has become hardened. 

So, if you have old paintballs, discard them immediately. Please don’t use them on your opponents. Don’t be the reason why someone’s love for paintball withers. 

2: When the paintball hits you at a close range:

Another reason paintball stains can be difficult to remove from clothes is when the ball lands on your clothes at close range. In this case, the ball won’t be able to dissolve on your clothes, making the stains difficult to remove. 

When washing paintball clothes, the first thing you need to do when shot at close range is to remove the residue carefully. Then, endeavor to do it gently to protect the fabric and get as many residues as you can off the clothes. 

3: Condition the paintball was stored:

The way you keep your paintball matters greatly. Remember, the balls will likely melt when kept outside on a hot day. 

Getting your clothes stained by a hot and melting paintball should be avoided. Why? It is hard to get such stains off one’s clothes. 

Getting Paintball Paint Off Clothes – Dos and Don’ts

There are things you must and mustn’t do when removing paintball stains from clothes. 

Remember, you’re going to continue using the clothes. Hence, the reason you’re washing off the stains. 

So, follow the tips below to ensure you don’t damage the fabric while removing paint stains from your clothes. 

1: Wash your stained clothes immediately after you get home after a game or have a chance to do so. The sooner you start washing, the easier it will be to remove the stains. 

2: Remove the paint residue with a scrub brush and stain remover or detergent. Remember to scrub gently to avoid damaging the fabric. 

3: Avoid using tumble dry or dryer. Let the clothes dry out naturally instead. 

4: Always observe your clothes after washing. The paint stains may not come off immediately. If that’s the case, try re-washing the clothes and air-drying them.

5: Use stain remover to pre-treat your paintball paint-stained clothes before tossing them into the washing machine. This way, you’ll get a lot of stains off the clothes and make it easier to get the residues off. 

6: You can machine dry your clothing after removing the paint stains. But ensure you use the lowest setting. 

7: Mild laundry detergent and cold water are the best options when washing paintball paint stains off clothes. 

8: Keep your paintballs in a cool and dry place. Avoid leaving them under the scorching heat of the sun. The heat will cause the paintballs to melt, making the stains difficult to remove from clothes.

9: Avoid using old and obsolete paintballs. Don’t even bring them to the paintball field or consider using them. Why? Stains from old paintballs are difficult to remove. 

10: Avoid using fabric softener. 

Will Paintball Paint Stain Ruin Your Clothes?

Paintball is a fun game, but first-time players may have some concerns. One of those concerns is the possibility of the paintball ruining one’s clothes. 

So, when you hear people ask, “will paintball ruin my clothes” , understand that this is a normal question. 

The truth is, paintball won’t ruin your clothes. It doesn’t matter how intense the game you featured in was or how many shots you had. 

The one thing you must avoid is not washing the stained clothes immediately. It will be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. 

Wash your paintball-stained clothes immediately and dry them. And if you find paint residue on them after the first wash, repeat the process until the stains disappear completely. 

The Conclusion

We have explained in detail how to get paintball paint out of clothes. Now we hope the process won’t be difficult for you.

Paintball paint stains are a breeze to remove from clothes. You can get rid of them using a mere detergent and cold water. 

You can also watch the clothes manually or with a washing machine. However, remember to pre-treat the clothes to make the stains a breeze to come off. Furthermore, don’t forget to watch your paintball clothes immediately after games. Storing the clothes for a long period will make the stains harder to remove. 

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