How To Win At Paintball: 10 Must-Know Tips For Paintballers

How To Win At Paintball

Paintball players play every paintball game with the intention of winning. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a regular game or a competition. 

You want to win, as much as your opponents do. The only challenge is to understand how to win at paintball. 

We took out time from our busy schedules once again to reveal tips that can help you win your paintball games. Do you care to know the things you need to do to win? Continue reading to find out. 

How You Can Win At Paintball With Ease

1: Shoot with a goal in mind:

Most people prefer to shoot with the hope that the ball would hit the target. If you’re in this category of paintballers, know you aren’t approaching games, as you should. 

You’ll waste paintballs, energy, time, and even give away your position when you shoot without a clear goal. The chances of losing the paintball game in this scenario are even higher. 

So, how should you shoot? Like I said, you have to shoot with a clear goal. Your goal could be to take out the opponent’s shield, so the ball can hit them. 

Just make proper calculations and shoot at the right time. Ensure that every shot fired has a purpose. And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t hit your target when you shoot. 

So, please, don’t shoot without a purpose. Don’t shoot towards the direction of your opponents even when they’re not insight. Only shoot when you know the chances of you hitting the target is high. 

2: Put your team together:

Paintball is a beautiful game, one you’ll enjoy playing regardless of your age or gender. However, you’ll enjoy it more when played with a group. 

So, form a team and assign roles. You’re better off battling the opposition with a team. Of course, they too will have a team. 

A Handy Tip: Don’t run off without signaling your team members. You’ll only get yourself eliminated faster by so doing. 

Paintball is a game that requires collaborative effort. So, let each member of the team know their roles, and play their part to ensure victory.

3: Communication with your group: 

Effective communication between everyone in the team will enable you to win more points and extend the team members’ lifespan. 

So, make communication a breeze before and during the game. Before the game commences, gather the team members and seek their opinion on the strategy they think would make sense for the game. 

If you’re the team leader, listen to everyone speak and come up with the final idea or strategy the group will deploy. But let the idea be a summary of each member’s idea. 

Don’t try to impose your idea on the group. Listen to others speak and when you give suggestions, ask for their opinion. The fact that you’re a team leader doesn’t mean the other members of the group aren’t important. Everyone is important, so learn to carry all of them along. 

A Handy Tip: You can learn to communicate with sign language to make it difficult for the opponents to know the group’s plans and give away their positions.

4: Aim for the targets’ heads:

The reason we play paintball is to shoot opponents and eliminate them. You can shoot anywhere. You can shoot the target’s body, legs or anywhere you deem fit. 

However, a reasonable place to hit your opponents is on the head. Why? You can easily take an opponent out when you hit them on the head. 

Now, what advantage will this afford you? When you take down an opponent, they won’t be able to fire back. Remember that you’ll be exposed when firing an opponent. 

So, even if you hit an opponent, they might fire immediately and take you out. That said a wise place to shoot an opponent is on the head. 

5: Familiarize yourself with the gears:

Start with getting yourself acquainted with the basics if you want to win in paintball. Don’t turn down this advice if you’re a beginner. 

Paintball requires diverse gears and trying to acquire all of them at once can be overwhelming. You may also stretch your finance to the limit if you try to get all the gears you need for paintball at once. 

The ideal thing to do is to start with the basics. The basic items you need play game is a protective gear, marker (paintball gun) and paintballs. 

Furthermore, note that different types of paintball markers exist. You’ll find bolt action, automatic rifle and pump action paintball guns. Familiarize yourself with the different types of paintball markers. 

If you have friends that have the different types, request that they let you try the markers to know the ideal one to purchase. 

Let’s assume your friends don’t have. If that’s the case, you can visit paintball fields and check out the paintball markers of strangers. Any paintball player will be willing to help, provided you’re not going away with the marker.

6: Move and act smartly:

Being mobile will not only make a paintball game fun. Your chances of winning the game will increase. 

So, learn to move, think and act smart. Remember, staying in one place for long will make it easier for the enemies to get you down. 

You give out your position easily when you stay in one place for too long. However, when moving, do so stealthily. Stay under the radar so that opponents won’t detect and get you down.

7: Deploy divisionary tactics:

The easiest way to win at paintball is to keep your enemies confused. How can you achieve this? The simple way is to deploy divisionary tactics. 

So, take the right step to win your game. Remember that running around without a specific plan to attack the enemies cannot win a paintball game for you. You must strategize, think and act smartly to win the battle. 

8: Know your surroundings:

The mistake most paintball players make that cause them to lose games is that they don’t know their surroundings.  

However, if you want to win a game with ease or avoid being eliminated, you must have a sound knowledge of your surroundings.

Don’t focuse on only one specific game zone when playing paintball. Have your eyes, mind and hears on every nuke and cranny of the place. 

Your enemies want to get you as quickly as possible. So, they’ll be firing from all directions. 

Again, don’t focus on only one player, leaving the rest to strategize on how to get you. Focus on all your opponents and read their movements. 

9: Use paintball judiciously:

The intensity and fast-pace nature of paintball makes the games enjoyable. You’ll be hooked for the 20 minutes you’ll be slugging it out with your opponents. 

But remember one thing when playing paintball. You only have 200 balls in the pack, and probably 20 minutes to battle. 

So, use your paintballs judiciously. Don’t fire shots until you’re sure that it will likely hit the target or give you some tactical advantage by moving into position to hit the enemy. 

The last thing any player want is to run out of paintball before the game ends. So, start making good use of your paintballs. Think carefully before firing any shot from your paintball gun. 

10: Make the game fun:

Many people will say paintball is a funfilled game. But remember this; you have the power to make a game fun-filled or boring. 

How is this possible? When you display fear and let the other team members see that you lack courage to execute the set plans, you’ll make the game tiring for others in your team. 

So, eliminate any atom of fear in your mind. See the paintball battle as a mere game, and believe in your strategies. 

Don’t lose hope or feel bad when things start falling apart in your group. Be positive and let your positivity motivate the other players in the group. 

Don’t beat yourself up when you get hit. Just dust yourself up and practice consistently. Practice makes perfect. You’ll be able to shoot more accurately and create strategies for future games. 

Practicing consistently is one way to boost your confidence as a paintball player. So, start practicing and watch how you’ll improve and start playing like a pro. 


These strategies on how to win at paintball is for every player. Beginners and expert players will benefit from this post.

The first thing players need to do is purchase a good quality paintball gun. After this, you can start learning how to aim and shoot. 

The most important thing is to practice consistently. When you do, your skills will improve, likewise your confidence. 

Finally, learn to take every game as fan. Yes, it is a competition but that isn’t a yardstick to be afraid. You have to believe in yourself and the team to win the game.  

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